Middle ages and Renaissance

Middle ages and Renaissance

Atelier Pietro Longhi's hats are made entirely by hand in our hat factory.


On the website you can find the basic hats and some hats customized by Anna. Each custom hat is unique, and the images are indicative. You can therefore ask for personalized quotes and we will reply as soon as possible after checking the feasibility and availability of materials to make your hat.


Each order is considered confirmed only after payment of the cost of the hat and shipping.


If you buy a hat base you can proceed directly with the online order and pay by credit card. The charge will be made only after checking the availability of the hat. If you buy a personalized hat you will have to proceed with a bank transfer.


In the case of a personalized purchase, the photographs sent at the end of the hat's production will prevail, and returns after shipment will not be accepted.

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Harlequin hat

30.00 *

Medieval hat

33.00 *

Gable Hood

430.00 *

Tudor hat

300.00 *


33.00 *

Velvet Lanzichenecco

150.00 *

Paggio senese

100.00 *

Basque hat

80.00 / unit(s) *


50.00 / unit(s) *

Renaissance man hat

80.00 / unit(s) *

Ducal crown (early renaissance)

190.00 / unit(s) *

Pilgrim's hat

39.00 / unit(s) *

Middle ages top hat

70.00 / unit(s) *

Middle ages bicolor hat

100.00 / unit(s) *

Medieval hood

40.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery