Storie di Moda, Fashion exhibition

Now closed, the exhibition "Storie di moda" has been successful for presences and a source of great satisfaction for Atelier Pietro Longhi's staff.


Now clothes will rest a bit, in the shade and away from the dust, to return to be displaied following new projects!


Here are some images of the exhibition just ended, inside the Salone Guarana of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista.


Respecting the alternative way that for over ten years has characterized the performances of the Atelier Pietro Longhi, we have told the story through the evolution of fashion that is described in every painting, fresco and Venetian writing. Six hundred years told thanks to clothes, precious and unique fabrics, taken directly from the private collection of the Briggi family, some made specifically for this particular exhibition hall, and exposed to the public. Each dress has its own story to tell, a unique emotion that is added to the original from which Francesco took inspiration. Thanks to 18 mannequins, not only the history of Venetian fashion has been traveled, but also that of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, which with its works of art and architecture represents the summa of Venetian artistic culture.