Tricorno Longhi Luxury Experience

150.00 / unit(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The latest project of Atelier Pietro Longhi stems from a request and a need, that of saving the tradition of the eighteenth-century tricorn, over the years become the symbol of the Venetian Carnival.


Thanks to a machine of over one hundred years, and to Anna's passion for creating artistic hats with a great emotional impact, the Tricorno Longhi Luxury Experience takes shape.


Not just a perfect hat for color, treatment and finish, all manually produced by Anna from the dressing to the label fastening, but also a package that recalls the old hatboxes that then becomes a sculpture to be jealously preserved. Specifically designed to accommodate the tricorns, it carries all the characteristic features of Atelier Pietro Longhi: the unmistakable logo, a warm color, the elegance that has always distinguished the artifacts of Francesco Briggi.


The ideal gift and a unique souvenir totally produced in Venice.

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