Welcome to the costumes section of Atelier Pietro Longhi hire.

After choosen the costume you like, please send an e-mail with the rental days you would like to rent the dress at:

Please note: each costume is an unique creation in one size. 

We can make little adjustements, but we can't change totally the original size. If when you come here to pick up the costume we realize that the size of the dress is totally wrong, you can change your costume without loosing your deposit, choosing on the available costumes. If the two costumes have different prices you have to pay the balance.

If the preferred costume should be available, we will answer you so you can go on the website and complete the booking. You will have to specify the rental days to complete the booking (the rental day is from 2 p.m. on the day of the withdrawl to 2 p.m. of the next day). Please, specify once again the days of the rental in the "order and delivery comments" area. At the end of the booking, you will be asked for the full amount of the rental. As the order confirmation you will only charged half of the entire amount of the rental. When you will come into our Atelier for picking up the chosen suit, you will be charged the remaining part of the rental. You can cancel your reservation no later than 15 days from the date of withdrawal only for serious reasons and will be asked appropriate documentation that finds it impossible to hire. After these 15 days you can not request reimbursement

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